Get full visibility into your SaaS use, costs, and hidden carbon emissions with Rewhiz – for free

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Data centers generate around 2 % of all global greenhouse gas emissions

On average, SMEs waste $80,000 on unused SaaS apps every year

3,500 trees and 900 tons of plastic are required for the running of SME SaaS apps each year

Control your SaaS stack without spreadsheets

Be in full control of all the SaaS applications that are used in your organization, and easily manage the costs.

Uncover and offset your hidden carbon footprint

Take a step toward a more responsible future by making sure your company’s carbon footprint isn’t bigger than it needs to be. 

Make sure all your data – both yours and your customers’ – is always safe.

Control your company's carbon emissions by managing your SaaS use

Most SME owners don't know how many SaaS applications they're subscribed to – let alone how many they are actually using. 

Rewhiz is an up-and-coming SaaS management platform that allows you not just to increase data privacy and manage all your SaaS tools for free, but also offset your hidden carbon footprint easily.

Read more about the product here.

Step 1: Safely grant access to your SaaS tools via GSuite

Grant Rewhiz access to your SaaS tools safely and easily via GSuite. You need to be a GSuite admin to do this.

Step 2: Assess your SaaS use and start managing your apps

Once you've granted access, Rewhiz uses artificial intelligence to automatically track how many and what SaaS services you have within your organization, who uses them or installed them, if they are secure (GDPR/HIPAA compliance), how much you are paying for them, and if they're actually used.

Step 3: Offset your hidden SaaS carbon emissions easily

Find out the carbon footprint of your SaaS and easily offset your cloud usage emissions by investing in reforestation projects of your choosing.

Interested in managing your SaaS more responsibly?

Sign up for product updates and be first to know when the full product for GSuite users is launched. A free SaaS audit and offset tool for GSuite users is available in the spring of 2020.

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Never compromise data security

What can you do with Rewhiz?

When the second version is live:

  • Block or approve a SaaS app
  • Search subscriptions per their GDPR/HIPAA compliance level 
  • Retrieve all your SaaS invoices in one place
  • Buy SaaS from one single point of contact (unique invoicing for all)
  • Optimize your licenses and pay only for what you need and use

In the first phase this spring:

  • Get a comprehensive list of SaaS applications, their users, and their cost
  • Uncover, control and offset the hidden carbon emissions of your SaaS apps
  • Uncover what data access permissions you granted to your SaaS
  • Find out if the applications in use are GDPR/HIPAA compliant
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How does it work?


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Brought to you by Gapps Experts, Rewhiz is the only free SaaS management platform that allows tech-savvy SMEs to control their SaaS carbon footprint. Stay tuned for our product updates!

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Get full visibility into your SaaS use, costs, and hidden carbon emissions with Rewhiz – for free

Rewhiz is the first (and only) responsible SaaS management tool for SMEs that allows you to control and offset your company's hidden carbon emissions by managing your SaaS app use.